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Have you booked yet to get up close and personal with George Clooney… oh, and Martha Stweart, Muhammad Yunus and more

If you haven’t already booked yet to see George Clooney and all his mates in Sydney on 12th December, time and spaces are running out! New pricing and seats have just been released so you can now book via The Growth Faculty:

Premium Seating: $1100
Premium Seating – Sphinxx Member Rate – $880  (Use promo code sphinxx when you book)
Includes refreshment breaks and networking lunch
Additional General Seating tickets have also been released for $595 (terrace seating, no catering)
These ones are only available when you book through Ticketek.  

So over one of my famous pasta dinner parties I quizzed Karen from the Growth Faculty on just what we can expect from the fantastic line up at the Global Leadership Forum in Sydney (well, ok, you’re right, I really just wanted to know about George but I’m allllmoooooost as excited about the rest of the speakers and hearing their advice on leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and growth). 

Karen tells me she wanted to bring us a lineup of CEOS that had not only changed the way they did business – and achieved great success in the process – but also changed the entire game plan of business in the process.

The result is a program of leaders who have revolutionised the way we communicate, invest, shop, use technology act and live.

When you look at the lineup you have to ask yourself (1) when did you last see a lineup like this; (2) who wouldn’t enjoy hearing from these amazing speakers; and (3) what should I wear for the day?!

 Here’s a reminder again of the lineup, and you can book your tickets here

  • George Clooney:  For
    the last five years, George Clooney has been focused on leveraging his
    celebrity to get people to care for something more important than
    celebrity – in particular the issues of Southern Sudan.

    Clooney said, “There is more attention on celebrity than ever
    before—and there is a use for that besides selling products….My job is
    to amplify the voice of the guy who lives in Darfur and is worried about
    his wife and children being slaughtered.”
  • Martha Stewart
    This one-woman powerhouse has had more influence on how Americans, eat,
    entertain, and decorate their homes and gardens than any single person
    in our history. Now, during a rare visit to Australia, Martha Stewart
    will share the insights she has gained over her expansive career; in
    particular how she’s exercised her personal strengths to build a highly
    visible, successful and admired brand that is leveraged across a
    remarkable range of channels.

    Stewart said, “Without an open mind, you can never have great success!”
  • Michael Fertik:  Michael
    Fertik founded with the belief that people and
    businesses have the right to control and protect their online reputation
    and privacy.
    Fertik said, “Everybody likes to
    believe in transparency, until it affects their personal and
    professional lives. We’re reaching a tipping point, where radical
    transparency is getting close to radical invasion.” 
  • Russell Simmons:  Since
    rising out of the New York City streets over 25 years ago, Russell
    Simmons has helped create ground breaking ventures including Def Jam
    Records, Phat Farm, and Def Comedy Jam, and is known the world over as
    “The CEO of Hip Hop”.

    Simmons said, “I know some people say “Keep your eyes on the prize”
    but I disagree. When your eyes are stuck on the prize, you’re going to
    keep stumbling and crashing into things. If you really want to get
    ahead, you’ve got to keep your eyes focused on the path.”
  • Jeff Taylor: 
    From the advent of job sites like and social networking
    sites, the Internet has completely changed the dynamics of the
    employer-employee relationship. Jeff Taylor takes a fascinating look at
    the current employment environment and the challenges today’s
    organisations face.
    Taylor said, “I asked my clients what they
    thought of the Monster idea. My biggest client said, “Not only do I hate
    the name, I don’t like the business idea. No one will look for a job
    during the day while they’re at work”. The most popular time to look for
    a job is on Mondays at 2 p.m. in a rolling time zone all around the
  • Muhammad Yunus: 
    By pioneering microcredit, Muhammad Yunus developed a visionary new
    dimension for capitalism to serve humanity’s most pressing needs which
    he calls “social business”.

    Yunus said, “I went to the bank and proposed that they lend money to the poor people. The bankers almost fell over.”

So what are you waiting for… I hope you’ll book now and spend the day with me on 12th November and this awesome cast of inspiring leaders.


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