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Hook clients, coworkers and employers into your ideas and get ahead. Time to stop selling yourself short

From high school to retirement, you’ll hear different iterations of the same sentiment – “men sell themselves better then women do” or “women struggle to promote themselves in interviews/performance assessments/in conversation”.

Selling oneself short is something that I’m sure every working woman has had experience of. And hopefully learned from and decided never to do again. This article steps you through 5 key steps on how to promote your self, or your services to customers, and with a little translation you can apply the same approaches to your employers too.

From “being a pain reliever” to “getting in their head”, these tips and tools will help you approach selling yourself as a work task, rather then a counselling project. Because you know how hard you work and how well you do, and the people employing you or hoping to should to. And if communicating effectively is something you’ve realised you need to get on top off, check these resources out.


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