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How to identify and overcome complex cultural issues: Conflict avoidance and being too nice

The challenge of getting your company culture right has spawned many a blog and article. I’ve found in my gender diversity consulting that one’s workplace culture will often be a major concern for executives, but one they’re not sure how to effectively grapple with. This article explores the prevalence and problems of conflict avoidance in organisations. I think this is an issue that women often struggle to work out where they stand on, what is my approach to conflict? How can I be assertive but not aggressive?

This article explores the issue that in these “nice” cultures where people don’t regularly ask the tough questions, “working it out” never happens” and offers a three step remedy process for overcoming these issues.

Have you ever avoided a hard conversation? Why? How did you overcome this issue eventually? Please share your experiences so we can all learn from them in the comments section below.


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