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Introducing She Owns It – a NYT blog by and for women who run their own businesses

Ever felt you were the only woman who had the role, responsibilities and challenges you have? Do you feel that you lack the friends and colleagues in similar roles to swap advice with?

If so, you’re going to love “She Owns It”, the New York Times new blog all about super successful women.

One reader, Julie from Michigan wrote:

As a woman business owner myself, I look forward to reading what you have to say. From my experience, it is hard to grow my business exclusively because I have so many other demands on my time that I am not willing to compromise on; things like being available for my kids, cooking them healthy homemade meals, making sure to find the time to make sure they see their grandparents. It doesn’t mean that growing my business isn’t important to me, because it is, it just means at this point in my life I have decided those things are more important than business growth.”

If this strikes a chord or you want to stay on top of news of leading women and inspiration, get involved in theconversation.

Thanks to Kate Viviers for letting me know about this great new blog.


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