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Is an MBA worth the investment for women? One woman’s reflections on the benefits, and costs of studying for an MBA

An MBA is a considerable investment in every way. But there is a lot of discussion around if the returns you receive are actually worth it, or if it helps you achieve equal pay status with men. This Forbes Women column by Tara Sophia Mohr explores her own experience with an MBA, as a less then traditional candidate. It’s a great read and she’s honest about her experiences, good and bad.

I was trained to see organizations from the CEO’s point of view. I learned how to understand an organization’s big picture, think about strategy at the highest level and see how all the functional pieces fit together and support (or don’t support) that big picture.”

Most women I know set out with great intentions to keep in good touch with family and friends, stay well-rested and in shape, take time to reflect on their experience and all of that good stuff. Most of us failed miserably.”

For the full article click here, and if you’re interested in the industries that women with MBAs pursue in click here. Top 3: Marketing and Advertising, Management Consulting and Financial services.


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