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Know the game and play the game

One of the key challenges many women have found in their professional advancement is networking and forming friendly genuine professional relationships with their male colleagues. Given there are less and less women the further up the ranks you go, it becomes increasingly important to be able to form good work relationships with men.  A great new website has started up that might just give you a new way to engage in those casual office conversations.

Beyond the weather, one of the easiest conversations to engage with your male co-workers in is about sport. I’ve often been amazed by the long and less then thrilling conversations my male co-workers used to have about rugby or cricket. Being able to jump into these, or at least understand enough to be able to answer questions or toss in the odd opinion is a valuable way to establish rapport.

The Know the Game website launched recently that offers workshops and training events to help you understand a variety of sports. Imagine, by attending a cricket event before the summer, you’ll be set up to understand and discuss the games. It also could be a worthwhile investment if you’ve got a sports-mad partner who’d love to talk to you about it as well as his mates.


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