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Leading the charge for gender diversity means leading the change management process: Highly recommended resources

Now more then ever, there is a sense of urgency around making your company a magnet for Australia’s top female talent. Why now? The ASX guidelines revisions have been a tipping point for the growing gender diversity movement that is bursting into boardrooms armed with stats, costs, and solutions to Australia’s woeful female representation.

I’ve done a lot of change management in my career, and since I started my gender diversity consulting for employers, I can tell you that every workplace is a concoction of different challenges and opportunities for boosting your ability to attract, advance and retain female senior managers. I’ll be writing a series of blogs on change management for gender diversity. I’ve been on this journey with many employers and thousands of women for years now, and like any change management process, its about bringing people with you on that journey.

To kickstart, here is a list of the Harvard Busines Reviews “10 Must Reads on Change”. If you’ve read one, this is a great opportunity to share your insights and action points inspired by the book –please share in the comments section.


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