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Life Balance Series: Snacks with instant stress busting benefits

Who hasn’t had an email, phone call or memo that’s made them panic half way through an otherwise unremarkable workday? Next time you get one, I’ve got some food you need to have on hand, or grab in your lunch break to instantly combat some of that performance inhibiting stress.

Oranges (and juice), tomatoes, strawberries or anything with vitamin C has antioxidants that will diminish the toxins your body produces when stressed.

Cottage cheese will supply your body with some protein and calcium, keeping it running steadily.

Yoghurt will stimulate proper nerve responses (slowing your stressed ones) with calcium and essential nutrients.

Blueberries and almonds you can keep in your drawer, and snack on during the day to keep your antioxidants, fiber, vitamins C, B2 and E up to help your body combat stress.

You can get the full list with explanations here. And as stressed as you may be, making a grotesque milkshake out of all of them is not the best solution. Grab something yummy and ideally guilt free, get outside and sit in a park or go for a quick walk while eating to gather yourself before you head back in.


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