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Little is the new big

I don’t know about you, but if some goal-setting guru tells me one more time to stretch myself just a little bit more, I think I might just snap! We live in a world which is constantly raising the bar on our measure of success so that only the most audacious and ambitious goals are now considered worthy of pursuit.

We’re encouraged to network at ballroom breakfasts filled with hundreds of women who won’t even ask who we are and what we do. At the same time we work longer hours back in the office late at night, chasing stretch targets with fewer resources. Our houses and cars have never been bigger – and neither have our mortgages. And our self esteem has never been lower. Is there any link here?

Well sphinxx is speaking out! We think that little is the new big – and as a community – it’s time we celebrated the little things in life that are important to us. Like the little win that comes with freely speaking our minds. Like networking events with 20 participants instead of 200. And like supporting other each other in the challenges we face.

If you feel the same way you’ll love our new membership program . I’m sure you’ll agree – that within our little community of women leaders we’re achieving some pretty amazing things.


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