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Mastering the numbers in your business – financial modelling made easy

It’s absolutely crucial in any leadership role that you understand how to work the numbers and build a business case. If this is not your strong point, we strongly suggest you contact Plum Solutions. Danielle Stein Fairhurst at Plum Solutions is a great supporter of sphinxx leaders and runs a Financial Modelling Support Centre – a help desk for clients having excel or modelling trouble – as well as a range of training courses to help you master the financials in your business including:

– Financial Modelling in Excel – Learn to create your own dynamic and reliable financial models 
– Financial Reporting for Executive Assistants – As well as improving your financial knowledge, this course will improve your technical Excel skills
– Budgeting & Forecasting in Excel – Create budgets, rolling forecasts, reports and scenarios 
– Data Analysis & Reporting – Discover how to “tame” your data and make it work for you! 

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