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Nice Girls can’t/don’t negotiate? The costs of negotiating

I sent a copy of this article out to our sphinxx members at the beginning of the year, but I honestly think it should be read by all working women so I have decided to post a link to it here. Women lose money when they don’t negotiate. But what are the costs? Whitney Johnson explores a range of studies that find women can be socially and financially remonstrated for daring to negotiate.

A taste of the article:

“What we found across all the studies is men were always less willing to work with a woman who had attempted to negotiate than with a woman who did not,” Bowles said. “They always preferred to work with a woman who stayed mum. But it made no difference to the men whether a guy had chosen to negotiate or not.” – Hannah Riley Bowles, one of the researchers quoted in the article

So if you’ve ever thought about, or plan to negotiate a pay rise, take two minutes to scan her advice and findings. And if you faced similar issues because you negotiated your salary, let me know here.


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