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School Social Clubs – a service that takes the work out of fundraising for your schools



School Social Clubs is a provider of community benefit programs – an innovative and effective means of fundraising not yet seen in Australia. This unique school-based fundraising venture which encompasses up to 10,000 public and private schools nationwide provides school communities with membership to a valuable resource which saves time and money by providing access to superior services and everyday products at reduced prices.

Founder Donna Perry says “The idea for our program grew as a result of my frustration as a parent of school children inundated with fundraising requests from schools, sport and activity groups that my children were involved with. So I developed this program. Now, instead of being asked to buy something I don’t really want, I simply follow my normal shopping patterns using the online store – buying only items that I do need – and the profits are shared.” 

How great is that – everyone benefits and everyone contributes! There are thousands of products available on the web store such as homewares, electrical, luggage, fashion, entertainment, furniture and garden products, and most of these products are priced at 75% of their recommended retail price!

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