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Secrets to retaining top executive talent by Robert Walters: what problems to avoid and the need to think outside the box

“Establishing the motivations behind the resignation is not only a crucial part of the process; it can help to prevent similar instances occurring in the future… From our experience, opportunities for self development and progression, rather than money, are often the key factor behind a senior executive’s decision to move on. Inevitably, successful individuals get to a point where they feel ready to embrace a bigger role with a larger remit and greater accountability.” – Retaining Your Senior Executives Report

What are you doing to make your workplace a satisfying and challenging place for your female staff?  This report finds that complaints about pay are often smoke screens for a wider dissatisfaction with the company, and that communication is absolutely critical when it comes to retaining your executive talent.

Communication is an issue that comes up often in staff retention, especially at a leadership level. Interestingly, improving communication across teams and companies is one of the many improvements that female executives are often recognised as creating. So what are you waiting for?

Also, did you know that many executives would be willing to take a salary package that had a lower salary, but greater performance related bonuses? More info here.


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