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Stay at home dads – what it means for working women and why employers might want to start getting nervous

In the US, dads are now approximately a quarter of the nations primary care givers to America’s 11.2 million preschoolers, while mum works. Almost 158,000 married fathers with kids under 15 left the labor force for at least a year to look after their kids.

As we strive and achieve equal, and sometimes greater pay then our husbands, men are increasingly taking on the role of the primary care giver in the home.

Whilst this is great news for pay parity, it may turn into a hassle for employers. Now its not just the women you can’t hire because they may leave to have kids. Now its not just the women you need to consider parental leave for. I think this might just be the factor we need to get adequate flexible working arrangements and parental leave from companies, because the challenge of having a baby and a job will increasingly potentially impact more of the workforce.

And if you read the full article, the good news is that women tend to feel more intimate when partners help with looking after the kids and the house  – so everyone wins!


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