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Women become more visible in Cabinet reshuffle… but why did it take so long?

Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering “where were all these women a week ago??”  Amazing isn’t it what you can find sometimes, when you put your mind to it and really go looking? Just goes to show that, sometimes, all it takes is a leader willing to back those who have talent […]

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“It will be easier for the next woman, and the next woman”

I’m not a Woman For Gillard, I’m not a fan of her policies in general and I will never understand the timing of many of them.  But there’s at least one thing I will always regard Julia Gillard for: the introduction of Disability Care. …

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PM Julia Gillard announces election date – so what can we expect in the battle for the female vote?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced today that the next Federal election in Australia will be held on September 14, sparking what may be be the longest political campaign we’ve ever seen here.  So how do the major parties currently compare…

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