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The Athena Factor: a new Harvard Business Review Research Report examining the female brain drain

Many business leaders are looking to foreign talent to fill the gap in science, engineering, and technology workers. But the talent they need is right here in the U.S. Women make up 41% of highly qualified tech workers on the lower rungs of the corporate ladder. But they’re leaving their professions in droves. 52 per cent of highly qualified females working in science, engineering and technology companies quit their jobs.¬†

Find out how premier global companies like Alcoa, Pfizer, Microsoft, Cisco, and Johnson & Johnson are working to retain this female talent in The Athena Factor, a new research report from Harvard Business Review authored by by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Carolyn Buck Luce, Lisa J. Servon, Laura Sherbin, Peggy Shiller, Eytan Sosnovich and Karen Sumberg.

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