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The big 3 questions to identify your company or team’s strategic position, without the complex frameworks

Reputation, performance and possibility of promotion or growth. These 3 concerns are common for all professional workers, but they can hard to gauge the comparative worth of your standing with those around you. This article promotes three key questions for assessing your company’s strategic position simply.

The questions are:

  • Would you say your company is becoming more effective at meeting customer needs?
  • Has your company recently implemented a significant innovation campaign or launched numerous small-scale innovation pilots?
  • Is your company becoming more collaborative with outside firms?
  • I think these questions are easily translatable to an individual’s strategic position too.  By applying the following questions to your competitive position at your company, you can identify what you need to work on to improve your career prospects.

For yourself:

  • Would you say you are more effective at meeting your client/customer or managers needs then your competitors?
  • Have you recently been part of or proposed innovative ideas and processes?
  • How well are you collaborating with and connected to your co-workers and managers?

Get the article here. And if you have a question that you use to motivate and measure your performance, please share it in the comments section below.


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