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The gender pay gap… and it’s not over yet… Jen Dalitz featured in Marie Claire special report on the gender pay gap

This month Marie Claire magazine featured a special
campaign report… featuring a story first published in 2004 on the
gender pay gap.  Nothing has changed since then.  “Here we are six
years later, and we’re shocked to find ourselves in the same
unbelievable position and asking the same question – why are we still
fighting for equal pay?”
Anna Saunderss wrote.  And I was asked to provide commentary as to why.

From the article:  “How are women supposed to know?” asks Jennifer
Dalitz, CEO of women’s leadership network sphinxx.  She says most of
her clients stumble across the pay gap by accident; through finding
documents inadvertaently elft on a photocopier or whenan oblivious male
colleague reveals his salary, for example.

Truth is both of these examples have actually happened to me.  I’ve
discovered documents on the photocopier with the (higher) salary
information of male colleagues and they have also at times told me what
they’re currently being paid.  As a consultant I’ve also had access to
confidential salary information across a range of organisations and
there are always surprise discrepancies between pay levels of men and
their comparable female peers. 

So it seems although women have come along way in business, we still have a long way to go when it comes to equal pay!


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