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UPDATED Employers – why mentoring programs are worth the investment in your female staff, and better received. How to implement and tailor an effective mentoring program

This article explores the findings of a new study that proves the mentoring is valuable for both genders, but the benefits of mentoring needs to be articulated clearly and differently for men and women. It also includes some findings about which mentoring programs were most effective because “for senior levels that [specifically tailored programs for senior women] can make sense because that’s where companies are missing out on squeezing that last piece of the lemon.”

Mentoring is one of the professional development tools that women all agree on as being much desired and very useful. It’s a pretty popular topic for men too, but this study found that women were “hungrier” for it.  The article suggests that mentoring is highly valued by women because its one of the skills that “women often don’t develop by themselves is a lot of …about attitudes and the intangibles” that help their careers.

Get the full article here, and forward it to your boss if you want a mentoring program at work! And if you need to look outside your own company for mentoring (both employers and women) then the Ascend development days and especially the Mastermind Mentoring Groups are a great way to connect your best women to other women in similar roles.


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