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Upgrade your career management skills with my 7-step formula: Join me and register at the upcoming CPA event from June 3rd

Do you want to improve your work life, and don’t know where to start?Just started your career and looking for the fast track to the top? Wondering why you bust your butt working hard, but never seem to get noticed at work? Perhaps newer colleagues to the organisation have overtaken you on the career ladder? Has your career progression come to a grinding halt?

If your answer is a yes to any of the above, you’re not alone in wanting to boost your career management skills. At the upcoming series of CPA events in June and July I’ll be speaking on the topic of “Career Builder – 7 steps to achieving what you want in your career”.

I’ve been speaking on exactly this topic for ages and have used my own 7-step formula to get the job, pay and the support I wanted by following it. I am really looking forward to these presentations, if you’re keen to get your career management skills in order and active the locations and dates are as follows (click on the date to register):


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