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What selectors are watching for in executive hiring process: the top three areas to focus on developing

I think sometimes we get so much advice, so many insiders tips and tricks for how to get that job that we get over stimulated and ruin our focus. This is a recognised phenomenon in elite athlete training – if your focusing on kicking perfectly and swift arm movements entering the water expertly and keeping your overall body tension perfect, chances are the actual swimming won’t be outstanding.

I found this article on HBR about how to predict leadership failures, and how to avoid hiring people liking to fail. It focuses on three core attitude issues that underpin a vast range of costly mistakes executives make, and get fired for. They are lack of integrity, lack of maturity and a much warned female leadership trait – perfectionism.

Find out why these are big problems in leadership, how interviewers will check for them, and start formulating plans for improving and displaying the opposite of these executive red flags.

I published a blog a while back about how to become your company’s top talent, so make sure you read that too if you’re gunning for a promotion.


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