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Women get a raw deal in sport – is this flowing on to our leadership pipeline?

According to a new article on MamaMia, women are just not getting a fair go when it comes to media coverage of women’s sports.  Did you know that:

  1. Women make up just 9 per cent of all sports coverage in Australian
    TV news and current affairs – horseracing sits at 10 per cent
  2. When the men’s cricket team lost the Ashes in January, there were 25,426 media reports. When the women won, there were 2,780.
  3. Organisers for the London Olympics have priced tickets to female events well below their male counterparts
  4. At 10 years of age, 64.6 per cent of girls play organised sport; by age 35, it’s 12.8 per cent.

Is there a causal relationship here, do you think?  Certainly food for thought… and sport…


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