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$10 off the sphinxx bookshop for new newsletter sign ups

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to explore the sphinxx bookshop, but for those of you who haven’t I thought I’d share a couple of summaries. Because its getting to that time of year when we start feeling a little flat, or our challenges loom large.

20 Secrets to Sensational Speeches $29.95
How to tell stories, involve an audience, build rapport, limit your notes – all in a step-by-step guide to ensure you create great presentations right now, rather then in 5 years with more experience.

Work As If You Own It $29.95
Most of us have thought, or fantasized about being our own boss, setting our own priorities, and directly reaping the results of your work. Few have the courage to actually step up and become their own boss, but if you have, this book is full of invaluable advice to be an effective entrepreneur.

Gender Games – Doing Business with the Opposite Sex $30
A straightforward guide on the different ways that men and women operate in the workplace. Not only does this book include the results of extensive research, it also includes checklists, charts and strategies for both genders on how to communicate, negotiate and sell to the opposite sex.

Step Beyond Your Limitations DVD set $363 (10 sessions)
There is a powerful and simple self sabotage pattern that 70% of the population experience. The Imposter Syndrome is not unbeatable, and this 10-session DVD set helps you understand it, and how you can be set up to experience it. What triggers it and how to overcome it are key topics.
Imposter Syndrome can be hard to spot, but do you ever wonder why you aren’t more successful and satisfied in your work? Do you work harder the everyone else? Do you value criticism more then praise? Do your relationships not last? Why aren’t you closer to achieving your dreams?
If this is feels uncomfortably close to you, this DVD set is well worth the investment. And don’t worry, there are 70 tools in the sessions to help you overcome this issue.

And if you sign up a friend, who writes your name in the “how did you hear about us” box, you get a $10 voucher to spend in the bookshop!


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