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2012: A year of renewal?

My friend Deane, who now lives in New York, just
emailed declaring the theme for “year two-o-one-two” is “renew”. A year
of renewal.  I couldn’t agree more.  I’m sure those caught up in the
world’s economic woes agree. And same goes for my two new beagles – the
two at the back in this snap.  They’ve taken a new lease on life since
they arrived at the farm just before Christmas.


Peanut and Tigger were my Christmas present.  They’re
not puppies, both being nearly 9, and they’re just perfect. Already
house trained, there’s no nasty puppy surprises to deal with!  They came
to us via the Beagle Club rescue team and they’re just lovely.  Their story was sad though… until they made it to the farm, that is.

Their first owner – whom they clearly adored in a way
only dog lovers could appreciate – was diagnosed this past year with
terminal cancer.  The two hounds – having grown up together, truly
devoted and absolutely in love with each other – were her babies.
 Separating them from Audrey after 9 years was heartbreaking; but
separating them from each other was inconceivable. 

So when the rescue team couldn’t find a single home to
take them both,  what was I to do?  In a family conference our other
beagles agreed, and so then there were four.  And arriving at the farm,
these house dogs have found renewal in their new life on the farm.  They
sniff, they chase, they enjoy being dogs.  It’s like they’re puppies
all over again.

The themes that Deane declares, they always seem to
ring true and just “fit” for me.  We flatted together when I first
arrived in Sydney – almost 14 years ago now – and Miss Deane knows me
well enough to know when an idea will stick. 

When we met, I was running from a failed marriage and a
violent ex whose temper only flared with the domestic violence order I
filed against him.  Even after I left him, he’d assaulted my friends,
stalked me for months, broke into my house.  He had firearms that the
Police confiscated, and I was worried he’d get more.  And so in coming
to Sydney I was running away, but I was also running towards a future I
was determined would be worth the effort. 

I don’t talk about that particular chapter of my life,
mostly because it’s already consumed more of my energy than I should
have allowed.  Yet in the context of renewal, it’s my own proof that anyone can renew and reinvent.  Anyone.

Those first years in Sydney, living with Miss Deane
were good for my soul.  Most New Years Eves, we’d watch the fireworks
light up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and make a declaration from the
balcony of our “bachelorette pad”.  The resolutions were big – and year
after year we amazed ourselves with what we achieved.

And the move to Sydney proved to be the right one. 
After that tough patch, life got good.  My career took off.  I travelled
the world, followed my dreams, and learned to live a little.  And life
got better than I ever could have wished: I learned to trust again and
to take risks.  Meeting “The One”, starting my own businesses, buying
the farm, raising Master Almost-3… and of course the beagles!  Life
really is good.

2012 is my 40th year and it feels like I’m ready again for renewal, more energy, more patience  and more focus on the next chapter of life. 

I’m ready to learn more, love more, live more.

Outcome oriented, I love making resolutions, and then making them reality.  This year is no different and my resolutions are:

  1. Finish the book.  Yes, it’s been on the to-do list for too long and I’m engineering my life to get more thinking and doing time.
  2. Time at the farm with family and friends – and to photograph the animals with my new camera (once I figure out how to use it… doh!).
  3. Dig deeper on the issues of women, work and leadership – and to continue to agitate for more women in leadership in our workplaces and communities.
  4. Work smarter, and with my strengths, to achieve more than ever… but with more sleep and more awareness of my wellbeing too!
  5. Thrive in business, gain another directorship, and build my blog following.

If you’ve set resolutions for yourself, and you’re serious about achieving them, my advice is to make them public.  Declare them
here or anywhere on the world wide web.  Print them off and put them on
the back of the toilet door, above the kitchen sink, on your desk at
work, or in the car.  Save them onto your iPhone, iPad or your
technological device of choice.  And read them every day.

For each of your resolutions, write 3-5 actions
that relate to that resolution, which you can tick off as you achieve
them, and which are the stepping stones to each of your dreams.  Chunk
it down, make them real, make it happen.

So, if it resonates with you, I wish you renewal.  If something else takes your fancy, I hope you make it come true.

And if there’s something you’re planning and would like to share, I’m all ears: post away with your comments.

Happy New Year!


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