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Changing lives of street children in India, for just $100 a month

I received an email from a friend of mine, Caroline Poyner from PDC Creative who is part of the team that works to support Vatsalya, especially an orphanage called Udayan which is home to 98 children from the streets of Jaipur in Northern India. This organisation also does significant work empowering local women also. Giving to good causes is a guaranteed mood booster, and enables to us to be a positive part of a global community.

There are thousands on women who receive the sphinxx newsletter, if only 500 of these women committed $100 a year, and advocated these children’s cause to their friends, Vatsalya would be able to meet 75% of all their child support program costs. You’ll receive a financial statement and an activity report every quarter, and know exactly how your $100 annual grant is changing the lives of street children in India. You can even communicate with the children at the orphanage through skype and email.

She reminded me that this is a wonderful thing for families to do, especially if you have school age children. It’s a small organisation, so you can feel really involved. Be part of a community that changes lives. It’s well worth your $100.


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