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Comparison of how men and women view the same pro-gender parity policies

Gender parity, despite its undisputed business benefits appears not to be a priority in a report recently published by Bains and Company. The article note only outlines this finding, but also delivers some highly intriguing stats when it explores how men and women view the same policy, or life decisions.

Here’s a taste of the article:

While 66 percent of the men report that they believe women share equal opportunity to be promoted to leadership and governance positions, less than a third of the women feel the same.”

And it’s not just in work that the perception gaps discovered by Bain and Company occur. For example men and women seem to agree that it doesn’t matter what sex the primary breadwinner is (men at 87% and women at 91%). However 77% of men are confident their partner would sacrifice her career for the sake of the household, compared to 45% of women believing their partner would.

What everyone seemed to agree on was that there were a lot less women the further up the ranks you go. The article goes on to outline the three focuses for achieving gender parity discovered in their research. This article is a must read for anyone who has ever had a conversation about what “everyone knows/thinks/says” about gender parity. 


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