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Does having more women on an exec create better results? A readers thoughts

Recently, I received an email from one of many women who attended a May Ascend development day, called Alison. In her thank you email was an interesting observation about her Tasmanian owned and operated private health cover.

Alison had noticed that the MD of her health cover fund was a woman, Colleen McGann. And that 4 out of the 4 Business Development Officers were also women. She believes that the fund is so easy to deal with and efficient because of this gender diversity and the findings that companies with women in leadership positions are better with their own customers and the community in general.

I love hearing about businesses that are ran by women, or have a good balance of men and women in executive positions.  Congratulations to St Lukes Private Health on their happy customers and their gender diversity.

If your business, or a business you use has a equitable gender balance and you can see the benefits in their service and results, let me know!


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