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Employers free to sack gossip mongers: Fair Work Australia gives green light to sack worker for spreading salacious rumours

Spreading rumours at work is indeed a sackable offence, with the decision to sack a Global Cranes worker who spread “salacious” rumours being upheld by the workplace watchdog. Former Global Cranes employee Kym Reedy was fired in December last year after it was found that she spread rumours about her employer’s sex life and supposed drug use.

Reedy filed a complaint to the Fair Work Australia Commission, but it found that Global Cranes managing director Fred Vidaic was within his rights, as the commission found that such a breach of trust was a good enough reason to terminate a person’s employment. Commission deputy president Reg Hamilton found that there had been a valid reason for the employee’s sacking, and said her employer had the right to expect a higher degree of loyalty and co-operation than was received from the complainant.

“It would be grossly unreasonable to expect an employer to work with, to trust and rely upon, an employee in these circumstances,” he said. “This constitutes a valid reason for termination.”

Read the full article here on HC Online.

What’s your take – is this a good move? Have you been the victim of workplace gossip? How did you handle it and should it be a sackable offence?  Love to hear your thoughts!


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