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Four things women get wrong when they become a boss…

Suzy Welch – co-author of Winning with husband Jack Welch – shares these tips on about what makes good women bad bosses.  Some of the points she makes are often raised by my own mentoring clientsso I thought it worth sharing.  The 4 key mistakes Welch says women make are:

  1. Mismanaging emotional distances by mimicking the classic male boss, which results in them being perceived as either impersonal Ice Queens or clucky Good Mothers;
  2. Creating an entitlement mentality among their teams, by overcompensating for bad work environments in their past or creating their own employment wishlist in their workplaces;
  3. Holding on to bad hires for too long – when they could cut their losses and let the bad hires go – quickly; and
  4. Women are often advised to “find a mentor” while men typically form multiple relationships with various informal mentors that serve them more broadly.

While some of the points in this article have a “fix the women” air to them, there are some good points and tips here for those who have experienced any of these examples… 

Click here to read the full article… And what are your thoughts on this – anything sound familiar?


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