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Gaining Ground: Equal pay news

A few weeks ago I answered a question on LinkedIn about what the world would look like if the pay gap between men and women didn’t exist. Since then, snippets of my answer have been popping up in blogs and articles all over the place. I’m just one of several quoted in each article, so lets keep raising this issue because its beginning to getting the attention it deserves.

Check out the qworky blog “What would it mean if women were paid as much as men?” with my quote:

 “Not only that, by placing equal financial value on men and women’s work, it would stamp out the inbuilt misogynistic attitudes still prevalent at the top in so many organisations. And by valuing women’s work properly, we’d have to take the long overdue look at how female friendly our work places are, and make the changes and specific actions necessary for women to be able to balance their careers with their lives.”

Or the popular American feminist blog Fem2.0 in their “Week of important news for women equal pay” blog where I’m credited with articulating the inevitable link between equal pay and women achieving more jobs at the top.


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