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Getting a handle on the quota debate: great new article

The quota debate is a big one – and it’s intimidating to get involved in. Opinions on whether or quotas are the best way forward to executive gender diversity are often strongly held, and from experience I know these arguments can get emotional very quickly. It can also be challenging to argue about the issue from a broad point of view, when most of us have personal experience of gender bias in action.

So I was delighted when I came across this article – because it’s comprehensive, wide-ranging and not especially preachy. It’s American, but does cover a variety of nation’s quota schemes. Perhaps tellingly, Australia doesn’t even crack a mention.

You can read the article that features five different experts on the question of quota, and then trawl through the 89 (!) comments to get a really solid grounding on the issues in the debate, on both sides.

Sure, there are some frustrating comments and a couple downright ridiculous ones. But if does raise a host of related issues that one stand alone article can’t cover: does a quota fix all gender disparity issues in the workplace, will Germany improving maternity leave solve some of the issues they face, how does sexual harassment fears affect the mentoring of women in the United states, what impact does training, experience play in the success of such a scheme, and explores the ever present discussions around biological difference and limitations, resentment/entitlement, attitudes vs processes.

It’s a fascinating read, and well worth the 10 minutes (max) it’ll take to take it in, and get a grip on this quota business.


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