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Getting stuck, getting inspired, getting there

It’s no secret that when it comes to being a successful woman, flexibility is essential.  Anyone who’s juggled a company and not given up on maintaining a vibrant fulfilling life of friends, family and partners knows this. 

Knowledge Wharton: Innovation and Entrepreneurship just published a great article about female entrepreneurial successes. Not only do you get to read about a couple of great services offered by these brilliant women’s businesses, you also get to learn from their experiences of profitable flexibility; be it changing the product, the sales pipeline or how to engage with critics.  Check out the article here.

So many women we hear from have great ideas for a bit of tweaking in the workplace to make it more successful or more female friendly. And I’m willing to bet most of us have faced some strong negative feedback in our careers. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to have experiences and ideas worth sharing, and if you’re feeling inspired by the article a great place to share is right below, in our comments box! 


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