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Have your say on Equal Pay for Women – new survey requires your input

re you really being paid what your worth?  Or as much as he’s being paid in your equivalent role?  Does it really matter anyway?  It’s a fact that women working full-time, year-round in Australia are paid only about 83 cents for every dollar earned by men – and that’s an improvement over last year!  More facts about the pay gap:


  • The 2009 pay gap of 17% was estimated to cost the Australian economy $93Billion – it’s still costing about the same
  • Lower wages mean less lifetime earnings for women giving them a lifetime of fewer choices
  • The average superannuation payout to a woman is projected to be $150,000, that’s half of the average payout to a man in 2010-11
  • Pay inequity reveals systemic discrimination and continued under-valuation of women’s work
  • Equal pay for women raises family income which means more money to spend on food, housing and child care
  • If things don’t change, the average 25 year old male will earn $2.4Million over the next forty years; for the average 25 year old female, that figure is just $1.5Million

Ahead of Equal Pay Day on 1st September, Women’s Village is conducting a survey of your sentiments around equal pay.  Click here to log your views – and remember, every voice counts when it comes to fair pay for all.


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