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How do you assess power? Is Lady Gaga super powerful? HBR article

Power is a very charged word. From nuclear weapons and military might to the parental influence to workplace reputations, the word “power” pops up all over the place.

Forbes has recently released a list of the most powerful celebrities. Lady Gaga and Oprah are two of the women in the top ranks.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how they work these lists out, and what is defined as power then this HBR article (1) raises some excellent questions.

A preview of the article:

“Most definitions of power emphasize the ability to influence others, their choices and their actions. Ranking the famous on that basis would require a very different methodology: we would need to determine which celebrities most influence — or could influence — things such as voting behavior and attitudes about important social choices.”

Click here for the full article. Have you ever been influenced by a celebrity, or approached/worked with one for your job based on their influence?


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