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Introducing Executive Central – the first recommendation from my little black book

Last week I announced a new service for our readers – a directory of recommended services that have been tried or tested by the sphinxx team and that I think you would benefit from knowing all about.  Each week I will introduce one of my recommendations – and this week it’s all about Executive Central.

Executive Central runs the Women Leading program, delivering a diverse suite of leadership and
career development programs exclusively designed to address the
business needs of professional women. The programs are goals and action-orientated, paying particular attention to personal
achievement and helping women better manage business realities – and participants benefit from specialised coaching, mentoring and training programs that are uniquely
crafted to ensure women better understand themselves, those around them
and the needs of the organisation.

I first became aware of Executive Central through my friend and Ascend speaker, Helen Wiseman.  Helen forms part of the exceptional team of women at Executive Central who bring with them many years of experience in providing
women with valuable insights into leadership and career development.

You can find all the contact details for Executive Central on our new sphinxx recommendations page. 

You might also like to check out the Executive Central Women Presenting Powerfully Masterclasses in Canberra (21st October), Melbourne (28th October) and Sydney (9th November).  This event is designed to provide the inspiration and the skills for women at executive and management level to discover, rediscover or simply strengthen their capacity to make a powerful impact in presentations.  Click here for more information and to register online.

And coming up next week…. I’ll be introducing Neuroscience for everyone.  So check in then.


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