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Life Balance Series: It’s not a parenting website – it’s a mother’s website

There is so many websites, newsletters, books, blogs and groups you can join to find out more about how to care for your children. Or how to get back into work after having them. Or the opportunities your kids can and should have.

But what about you? Most people agree that being a mum is the toughest job you can have, and I know from experience that becoming a mum does change your approach to your career, your “free” time, your own body, your whole life.

A new website has launched to look after the mum in the situation. has articles on everything from child-friendly cafes and physios, to finding your own style as a mum, to the sex factor to negotiating flexibility at work. The site fills that oft-crippling gap many mothers battle – looking after yourself, not just your new bub.

If you’ve had a baby, about to have one, or even have a friend or sister who has, get them to check out this site. It’s a much-needed support for mums everywhere.


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