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Practical, proactive and inspiring approach to staffing an accountancy firm

There are so many great initiatives that support working women. Whether they’re programs like the sphinxx leadership program, or businesses crafted specifically for women, I find it inspiring that so much creativity and energy is being used.

Jane Zhang shared her approach to staffing her accountancy firm in Burwood, Sydney on a LinkedIn discussion I was part of. It’s simple, it’s effective and I’m sure it could be replicated in a variety of industries. Her description:

“I started my accounting/tax practice in Burwood and took on 9 overseas female students who completed accounting degree but failed to get into the accounting world. I wanted to help them and teach them the practical working experiences.”

And she is offering bookkeeping/accounting services to small businesses for free so that “these students can learn and actually get a job in accounting world.”

So if you know anyone who runs a small business who needs such services let them know about LJR Accounting. And if you know of another practical, proactive approach to giving women opportunities for their careers, share it in the comment section below.


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