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Pushing the boundaries with the talents you have

I don’t often write about poetry for sphinxx. But this one poet, Hissa Hilal is a wonderful inspiration of what a courageous woman can do. She’s received death threats from extremist Muslims, but continues to chant her words of freedom each week on an Abu Dhabi television competition show called “The Million’s Poet”. Think Australian Idol, but poetry rather then music.

Every week she performs wearing the full traditional abaya, which covers her from head to toe, but her poetry is motivated by a message that is far from traditional. Her poems share her vision for women’s rights and freedom, and critics are recognizing that her continued success is because she speaks for so many people in Abu Dhabi, longing for greater freedoms.

Read the full article about her here. It includes one of her poems (translated). It is well worth reading, and considering how radical a stand she is taking for women’s rights in her home.


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