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Regardless of an MBA: Women lag in compensation and advancement. New findings

Catalyst has just published their second report Pipeline’s Broken Promise examines the flawed assumptions in conventional wisdom of the past decades that counted on parity in education, an increase of women into the labour force and company implemented diversity/inclusion programs to yield an equitable and robut talent pipelines, with women surging to the top in increasingly equal numbers. 

Yet the report finds that inequality remains entrenched, and companies need to do more to advance women. It’s a great read; definitely a wake up call to business leaders and my brain is firing with ideas on how we can improve the talent pipeline for business women.

This is the second report in a longitudinal project called  “The Promise of Future Leadership: A Research Program on Highly Talented Employees in the Pipeline” follows the careers values, goals, expectations and developmental opportunities afforded to the graduates of leading business schools in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. The project also surveys their strategies for managing work and family life.

Download the free report here. And don’t hesitate to forward it to your peers.


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