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The power and the passion of leading

‘Power’ is an interesting concept.  For me it conjures up many connotations, positive and negative.  But mostly negative.  I’m not sure why that is; perhaps it’s the many abuses of power I observed in my 15 years working in finance and consulting.

One thing I know from the women’s forums I run is that most of my participants view power as a masculine trait.  It’s not something women talk about wanting more of.  But perhaps we should.

r169285_633301Recently Gail Kelly was listed as the 11th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.  To give you some context, Angela Merkel was #1, Queen Elizabeth II was listed at #58 and Helen Clark, Prime Minister of NZ, was #56.  The only other Australian in the list was Gina Rinehart, at #98.

I know a number of people who’ve worked closely with Gail over recent years and would say that – while she does indeed yield considerable power – she is also a most passionate leader.  It’s been said she shows a true passion for her staff and customers, in all her interactions and strategic priorities, and perhaps this translates to her results.  And in turn, to her power status.

Of course we aren’t all CEOs of major corporations and we won’t all make it on a Forbes 100 list.  But we all have the ability to bring both power and passion to the roles we play, and to create a powerful force as a community of women leaders.  A simple example: simply being a common voice, pushing our collective agendas, brings us power as a community.

I’m interested: what does power means to you?  Do you have enough of it, or do you seek more?  And if so, how can sphinxx assist?

Post your comments at – the best comment this week will receive a copy of my new bookLittle Wins for Working Women.


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