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What impact does parenting have on careers? Straight from the headhunters: Forget about babies if you want to scale career heights

In a recent WNA newsletter, Lynette Palmen reiterated a much discussed and concerning topic, that if you want the top jobs, having kids is not a good idea. This survey found that more then half of Britain’s top headhunters believe that women should not take time off for children if they want to get to the top of their career.

One head hunter, Kit Scott Brown the CE of InterExec is reported as saying that many headhunters would love to see women in the top jobs, but if you want that job – career breaks are not possible. For travel, for health, and especially for children.

This article has a great range of quotes and insights, from headhunters to career women to business ministers and equality ministers. One piece of good news in the sobering article is the recognition that “equality is as good for businesses as it is for women – diverse organisations reflect their customers better, understand them better and offer better products and services as a result”  -Featherstone Minister for Equality.

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