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Who wants to be the Prime Minister? And who’d want to be the second female PM?

A lot can happen in a week! Although it seems like much more than a week has passed since Kevin Rudd arrived back in Australia after his abrupt resignation as Foreign Affairs Minister to announce his intention to run again for the top job.  Apart from all the rain and flood warnings (I’m ready to trade the farm ute for an inflatable after more rain in one day that we have in a month!), we’ve had to endure a downpouring of media reports and speculation on the Labor leadership challenge, victory by Prime Minister Gillard, the cabinet reshuffle with Bob Carr’s appointment as Foreign Affairs Minister, etc etc etc


 Which got me thinking… who’d want to be Prime Minister? And more to the point, as Anne Summers so eloquently put it, who’d want to be Australia’s second female PM?  One of Australia’s pre-eminent authors and feminists, Summers is well placed to comment on the public perception of our Prime Minister and why we tend to obsess about “her hair, her clothes, her make-up, her voice”.  

Let’s see what the media have to say now about Julia Gillard’s cabinet appointments (or rather, the Bob Carr appointment, since that’s probably all we’ll hear about…)

That is, if there’s anyone still listening….

Your thoughts?


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