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Women make better leaders in turbulent times: true or false?

New evidence suggests that women may be better than their male counterparts
in improving employee morale, motivation and performance – crucial factors that can enhance chances of organizations survival in
turbulent times – according to Shabeer Ahmad on

Ahmad says that during turbulent times, “a management style that is more characteristic
of women leaders really produces positive results”, and that this is because:

  • Collaboration becomes
    vital if the organization is to capture all ideas and opinions to
    ensure that the best possible course is taken. Women consult more with
    their peers and teams than men.
  • Showing empathy when people are
    distraught will provide stability in the workplace. Women are better at
    expressing empathy than men.
  • Similarly, responding to people’s emotional
    needs will ensure that they continue to perform under pressure – and
    women are much better at using emotions in a positive way.
  • Women also
    tend to reduce or avoid hierarchical layers and to short-circuit
    communication channels, and this leads to improved trust and better
  • Being less aggressive will ensure that risk is reduced.
    Women take fewer risks than men so the organization’s chances of
    survival are higher.

What’s your take: true or false?


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