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Are you being authentic at work? Why the constant demands for women managers to be authentic are both accurate, and unfair

Do you feel like you’re being the real version of you, a la Julia Gillard? What does that even mean and how come men aren’t constantly being told to be authentic? This article deals with exactly those issues, and outlines why Amanda Gome, founder of Smart Company can’t stand the repeated requests.

It might be dross but this is the issue that has dogged Gillard and other female leaders. Be authentic, women keep being told. But what the hell does an authentic female leader look like? You act tough, you are not feminine. You yell? You are a shrew. You insist on high standards? You are not a nurturing caregiver.

I have heard all this before. As any clear thinking person will tell you, there are many incompetent, backstabbing male bosses in the workplace who never talk straight and are threatened by all and sundry. But what makes us focus in such a negative way on female bosses?”

I think she makes a valid point, women managers are often second guessed and labelled all kinds of things by the media, reinforcing unacceptable attitudes in the business community, that are hard on women and bad for business and staff retention.


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