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August Ascend Line up announced – have you registered yet?

I’m really looking forward to the August Ascend days. All of our Ascend days are designed to be high energy, practically useful and inspiring, but the August one is designed to be the ultimate pick-me-up because lets face it, this time of year can be deadly for maintaining our enthusiasm, performance and personal career vision.

So I’m very excited to announce the stellar line up I’ve put together for you, excluding your state specific “Take The Lead” presenter:

Ken Wright is an internationally acclaimed author, former CEO and expert on how to engage people to achieve excellent results.  He started out as a bank teller at Westpac, and ended up CEO of Westpac financial services, growing the business’s profitability by 425%. As a successful executive coach and leader, he is the reigning expert in engaging men, women, customers, staff-ANYONE you need to influence success. He is so good at this that his book, The People Pill, won the prestigious Axiom USA Business Book Award Gold medal, ahead of Seth Godin and Peter Drucker.

He will speaking on how to get your energy back by engaging and empowering the people around you to achieve your goals.

Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor who specializes in lifestyle diseases and a fabulous resource for helping you boost your energy and your most critical asset, your brain by making healthy choices in your life. Utilizing the essence of the neuroplastic revolution and full of practical suggestions she will enable you to boost your brain like never before.

She will show you how to unlock your brain’s full potential and sharpen your thinking, improve your concentration and memory, expand your creativity and reduce your risk of developing depression.

In Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, Louise Mahler will be speaking on using your voice to it’s full potential. As a trained opera singer with 9 years of performance experience in Europe, and her passion for people and learning in organisations, Louise is a translator between the creative performing arts and business, culminating in a PhD on Vocal Intelligence.

Louise will show you the importance of voice to your authority, energy and leadership. Hear about new voice psychologies and train yourself to be the best communicator you can be with new techniques.

In Brisbane, Amanda Gore has been one of America and Australia’s leading experience creating speakers for over 20 years and is an expert in an impressive range of leadership fields. She uses emotional intelligence to transform the spirit of people and cultures, by changing perceptions, improving relationships, connecting people, managing change, leadership, innovation and team dynamics. She is training in physiotherapy and psychology, and experience inergonomics, stress management, group dynamics, neurolinguistics, neuroscience and occupational health.

She will show you how to understand the importance of connection in leadership, discover how to celebrate, motivate and encourage yourself, learn ways to deal with stress and change, as well as share some great ideas on how to balance work and life in new, expert ways.

Make sure you save your place and register now.


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