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Help Us Find the Hairdressers that don’t break the bank!

you sick of spending a fortune on your hair?
And why is it that this essential service costs so much for women,
compared to the blokes?


noticed this discrepancy – and how hard it is to compare prices at women’s
salons – and we’re not happy about it!
And with many people reviewing their budgets, this expense is bound to
be under review…


if you can recommend a good quality or good value hairdresser anywhere in
Australia – we’d love you to share your secrets here on our blog…


us in on the hairdressers you use, together with prices and ratings for things like timeliness and the ability to
get in and out quickly, the level of pampering like coffee, magazines and other
services (let’s face it, not all of us want to pay for this!) and value for


If you include your details when you make your post
we’ll also send a sphinxx Mock and a copy of the latest Working Women magazine
to everyone who posts a recommendation.



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