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The facts about women, leadership and gender equality

Maree McLaren is a woman on a mission to increase awareness of gender
inequality in our workplaces, on boards and in leadership positions.  She’s
created a fantastic presentation outlining the current state of play which she’s
forwarded to me in PDF format.
I encourage you to take a moment to review the document – and to see for
yourself what’s really going on with gender equality.  You’ll see from Maree’s
research that on virtually every objective measure, women in Australia are
behind and going backwards in terms of gender equality.  Over the past decade,
we have gone backwards in The Global Gender Gap Index (a comparison of developed
countries), women in corporate Australia (the EOWA census of Women in
Leadership), pay equity and working hours compared with our male peers.
Being aware of these facts will make us all better prepared to handle those
difficult performance and pay discussions… so thanks Maree for your work on
Click here to download the PDF.


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