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New Meaning of CEO: Chief Energy Officer

Think of your favourite boss. Think of a few words to describe them. Chances are angry, busy or ruthlessly task focused didn’t come up. In fact, in a new article by Tony Schwartz, he shares the list of the 10 most popular words that thousands of people used to describe their favourite boss. And two thirds of them were emotional qualities.

In “The CEO is the Chief Energy Officer” article for Harvard Business Review, Schwartz mounts a powerful case for rethinking our leadership responsibilities. A preview of the article:

“…the best leaders used their own positive energy to bolster their employees’ faith in their own abilities and to fuel their optimism and perseverance in the face of stresses and setbacks. That belief from a leader is intoxicating.

If you lead a team, a division or a company this is a must read. And make sure you forward it to your colleagues.

Thanks to Janine Garner for sharing this on our LinkedIn group


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