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Why don’t women support one another…. or do they? I’m Head Over Heels for this business network

I’m often asked “wouldn’t there be more women at the top of the food chain if they’d all just help one another?”  Some of you will know that I’ve long held a view on The Rapunzels and The Ladderkickers (The Rapunzels are the ones you want to work with)… and last week I had the chance to meet a whole new gathering of (male and female) Rapunzels at the Head Over Heels pitch night. 

I’m going to have more to say on some of the businesses that won my heart with their pitches… like Scan2List, a new smart phone app that enables you to create your shopping list from bar codes, as you go, so anyone can shop for you in a flash (think housekeeper, husband, parent’s carers, you name it… this is the perfect domestic outsourcing tool!!) and Club QT, Australia’s newest online fashion shopping mall that updates (wait for it!!!) 300,000 individual items for purchase to it’s database EVERY NIGHT!!

Head Over Heels isn’t a secret women’s get together, it’s a business forum that enables women entrepreneurs to pitch their concepts to a captive (mixed gender) audience and – perhaps more importantly – seek advice or assistance from the audience on the gaps each business is currently looking to fill.  This could include introductions to industry experts, audience call outs or even that elusive angel investor…

If your an entrepreneur looking for a leg up in your business… Head Over Heels is an invitation only network, but there are contact details on their website… so why not practice your pitching skills and put your best heels forward!


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