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Introducing the sphinxx directory of recommended services – our network is about to become yours!

If you’ve ever been responsible for establishing employee development programs, conferences or leadership offsites, you’ll know just difficult it can be to find fantastic, out of this world, leading-edge service providers.  In a sea of social media and spin, my vast network send me calls for help every day – by email, LinkedIn, twitter and the sphinxx website – all looking for advice about who they should hire for their own professional development needs, or to supplement their in-house women’s programs.

Can I recommend a good career coach?  Wanting recruitment advice! Our employee engagement is going down hill – who can fix it?  I’m looking for a local networking group of senior women.  These questions flow in, day in and day out.  And every time I turn to my little black book (or my LinkedIn connections!) to help my friends and connections to get the best result.  The only problem is, it’s becoming a full time job for me!

So in the interests of efficiency and my own sanity, I’ve decided to give you access to the best of my own “little black book” of Australia’s top service providers, right here on the sphinxx website.  Now you’ll be able to cut to the chase and source the best experts in the field you’re searching for.  And best of all, they all come pre-vetted with my absolute test of quality, tick of approval and a cast-iron commitment to advancing women as leaders. 

This isn’t an advertising list, it’s a directory of my recommended and referred service providers who have jumped through hoops to make it onto the sphinxx recommended services directory.  Rest assured, my opinion can’t be bought: these service providers truly are the best in their fields and my recommendation is based on a firm belief and opinion that they will serve you well.

 “sphinxx is a powerful network and Jen Dalitz is once of the most connected business women I’ve come across.  When I was looking for a course to improve my financial literacy, I asked Jen’s advice and her recommendation was spot on for my needs.  I’ve just asked Jen’s advice on voice & presentation skills training – I would always use a service provider recommended by Jen before anyone else.”     Katya Tarnawski, ASX-Thomson Reuters Charity Foundation

Over the coming weeks I will be introducing each member of the sphinxx service directory to you, with details of how they are supporting women on their leadership journeys, and helping organizations to find and keep the best women on their teams.  And importantly, how you can contact them directly.  I hope that as the War for Female Talent hots up, this will be a valued resource and a great short cut for each of you.

And if you’d like to join the ranks of our recommended services – or have an organization that you’d like to recommend – please drop me a line and share the details.  This is about creating a ready reference for us all, and supporting the businesses that support women, so that together we can make a diffence.


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